These must-have mobile applications can simplify your work flow.

The typical construction jobsite has drastically changed in the last decade. Processes that used to require piles of paperwork and trips from the field to the office and back again are becoming simpler and more efficient with the use of mobile technology. The mobile apps described below are eliminating paperwork, streamlining work flows and helping to make contractors’ lives a little bit easier.


Compatible with Android devices

Winner of the American Institute of Steel Construction’s mobile app contest, I-Search helps improve the work flow of steel designers by allowing them to analyze beams in the field, do code checks and run simple calculations on the spot. Users enter search criteria, including flange width and thickness and web depth and thickness. I-Search then produces a list of matching sections to analyze. The app also can conduct basic checks including compactness, elastic buckling stress and deflection.


Price: $9 per user/month for contractors
Compatible with iOS and Android devices

ClockShark helps minimize the hassle and wasted money associated with paper recordkeeping in the field. Employees simply punch in and out using a mobile device, and ClockShark uses GPS to pinpoint the location of every punch. Clocks and data sync in near real time when Internet is available, but accurate times are recorded regardless of connectivity. Payroll administrators and managers can then edit and approve timesheet data and export it in payroll-compatible files. Designed for small to midsize businesses, ClockShark also tracks labor costs, reports real-time data via a simple dashboard, sends email alerts of unexpected activity and manages shift scheduling. The service will officially launch this summer; to participate in the beta test, visit

i-Safe 3.1 Mobile App

Capital Safety
Price: Free with paid i-Safe 3.1 system
Compatible with iOS and Android handheld devices and Windows Mobile rugged PDAs

Adding mobile functionality to Capital Safety’s i-Safe 3.0 Intelligent Safety System, the i-Safe 3.1 mobile app allows users to automate and streamline paperless inspection and inventory processes for fall protection equipment. Designed to reduce costs and improve efficiency for any size company, the app features automatic triggers and alerts, built-in corrective actions, barcode scanners, RFID readers, camera integration and electronic signatures. Users can select checklists from the i-Safe library or create their own. The app can be hosted in the cloud or installed in-house.


Price: $10 monthly add-on fee to existing HeavyJob field licenses
Compatible with iOS and Android devices

The HeavyJob mobile app works with the HCSS HeavyJob management/time card software and is designed to help foremen streamline time entry in the field, compare job costs to estimates on a daily basis, and record daily project notes including photos, weather, safety meetings, fuel reports, and subcontractor and material information. HeavyJob stores and sorts all of this information by date and job. It also integrates with more than 30 accounting systems so foremen can instantly send data to payroll. In a remote area with no connectivity? HeavyJob works offline and will sync data once the device is connected.

Payroll Time Entry

Dexter + Chaney
Price: Works with paid Spectrum Construction Software
Compatible with Apple and Android tablets and smartphones

One of several Dexter + Chaney mobile apps, Payroll Time Entry works in conjunction with Spectrum Construction Software to efficiently track employee time and attendance as well as heavy equipment usage. Users enter employee work or equipment operation hours from their mobile devices, and Payroll Time Entry uses Spectrum to transfer data to payroll and update job cost reports. This app serves as a link between the office and the field, eliminating the paperwork and inefficiencies in between.

KOMTRAX Mobile App

Komatsu America Corp.
Compatible with Apple and Android devices

Giving mobile functionality to the KOMTRAX fleet monitoring system, the KOMTRAX mobile app lets users monitor critical Komatsu equipment data from anywhere at any time. The app provides a variety of system information, including asset location, hours used, idle time, fuel consumption and machine movements. KOMTRAX comes standard with every new Komatsu machine, but the app puts this vital information at the owner’s fingertips.

JobFLEX Mobile App

Price: App included with paid JobFLEX software
Compatible with all Android 4.0 or higher devices

Created for contractors by contractors, the JobFLEX mobile app helps users save time and generate more sales by allowing them to quickly create professional proposals, produce accurate quotes and get customer signatures—all while in the field. JobFLEX also tracks performance metrics and staff scheduling. To ensure the office is always informed of what is happening on the jobsite, JobFLEX uses a web portal to store and export digital files.

Bosch Toolbox

Bosch Power Tools
Compatible with iOS and Android devices

The Bosch Toolbox app contains a variety of mobile tools to improve efficiency on the jobsite. Users can record information about projects via voice memos and photos and use the timesheet function to document and export time and attendance information. Another helpful tool in the Bosch Toolbox is the measurement camera, which enables users to document jobsite dimensions, angles and other data. Within the mobile toolbox, contractors will also find an LED flashlight and a unit convertor.

JLG Mobile Analyzer

JLG Industries Inc.
Free (JLG Mobile Wireless Access Module sold separately)
Compatible with Apple and Google operating system devices

The JLG Mobile Analyzer allows owners of JLG aerial work platforms and telescopic material handlers to troubleshoot, calibrate and customize their equipment from their mobile devices. JLG Mobile Analyzer can gather equipment data from up to 150 feet from the machine using the JLG Mobile Wireless Access Module, which plugs into a port on JLG equipment. The app is available in multiple languages and displays full descriptions of diagnostics and other data.

OnSite Punchlist

UDA Technologies
Price: Free (paid options also available)
Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android

For complex projects involving a variety of people with different responsibilities, collaboration is key. OnSite Punchlist, working with UDA ConstructionOnline, allows various members of a team to create, organize and update project punch lists. OnSite Punchlist ensures that all team members understand their role in a project and keeps them up-to-date on changes and progress. Users can input important information about every aspect of a project, assign resources, arrange punch lists and attach photos and videos.


Dean S. Davids, Tailgate Technology
Price: $17.99
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (requires iOS 7.0 or later)

CrewKeeper is a tool that enables crew leaders to easily enter time for multiple construction crews, track project issues, and document site safety audits, safety meetings and expenses. Extensive field documentation is built from micro entries using an intuitive interface designed specifically for typical field personnel, and users can email or export documents directly from the field. Using GPS, the app verifies employee attendance and automatically sends information about jobsite arrivals and departures to office managers, eliminating the inaccuracies associated with paper time cards and handwritten records.