Insight from a tech veteran on why this solution should be a mainstay in your construction processes
by Elizabeth Manning
February 9, 2018

we see several companies working on technologies that help users imagine complete construction projects superimposed on still active, incomplete construction sites. Affordability and size reduction of Bluetooth technologies spurred development of the Internet of Things (IoT), where active electronic components are introduced into construction materials. After a construction project's completion, electronics-enabled materials start transmitting information usable in smart homes as well as structural congruity assessments.

As far as daily reporting is concerned, we also see number of innovation vectors. Active use of drone photography to monitor and document construction projects is used to augment human capabilities. With the rapid development of machine vision algorithms and ultra-fast computing power we see use of technology in trying to identify safety incidents through video and picture analysis. Even though we are still some time away from the capability in which a computer can identify potential safety issue based positional analysis of the objects in the picture, we are certainly starting to see success with single-object identification.