Automate your daily tasks with this digital project manager

The idea for Breezeworks came from an observation that modern technology automation has not been available to service professionals in an easy, low-cost manner, said Breezeworks CEO Matthew Cowan. “These professionals need tools that help them automate their tasks, from payment collections and estimate generation to follow-ups with customers after a project’s finish,” Cowan said. The original goal for the app was to empower business owners who wanted to remain independent and thrive as a small- or medium-sized operation. How do I get it? The app is available for download on iOS and Android systems for tablets, mobile phones and computers. How does it work? As a business owner, you own your customer relationships. This app enables you to add customers quickly and synchronize your project schedule with theirs. Breezeworks syncs your information across all devices so employees in the office know what is going on in the field, and vice versa. The app is a cloud platform that enables service providers to manage all aspects of their business. An easy-to-use interface helps you coordinate time and tasks between all the different service professionals you are working with on a project. These professionals also have the ability to interact with you on their end. 

Why do I need it? The app streamlines your entire construction project. According to Cowan, one of the most popular features of the app is the customer feedback. “You know that as a business, a single star lost in your ratings can represent a 30 percent loss of business,” Cowan said. “By providing an opportunity to get construction feedback, you can learn where you need to improve as a company, and your customers like that they can be heard.” How much does it cost? For a single user, $16 per month. For 2 users, $40 per month, plus another $10 per technician. A professional package has integration with Quickbooks, which Cowan said is a tremendous benefit to Breezeworks users. The app also offers a 30-day free trial period for new users.  Current Users: Several thousand active users across all 50 states Rating: 5 Stars in the App Store For more information, visit Breezeworks.