CBO's 2024 Sustainability VIPs
Recognizing the leaders of sustainable practices & programs

Construction Business Owner (CBO) Magazine’s Sustainability VIP recognizes the efforts and ingenuity of those building a better future.

Qualifying nominees for Sustainability VIP 2024 include all construction industry professionals — general contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, suppliers, etc. — who have developed programs or launched initiatives within their companies to support any of the following areas of sustainability:

  • Industry and infrastructure
  • Clean energy, water and sanitation
  • Recycling and responsible consumption and production
  • Protection of climate, wildlife and waterways
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Green building and LEED efforts
  • Humanitarian efforts (poverty, hunger, equality, health, wellness, education, employment)

Nominations are now closed. The nomination period ended Jan. 20, 2024. Look for our finalists in CBO's March 2024 print magazine and on constructionbusinessowner.com.

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