Top advice from George Hedley in 2016

Professional construction business coach and industry speaker George Hedley helps contractors grow, profit and build better all year round. In 2016, he focused on improving your business strategy and how you can better manage your workforce. In case you missed one of his monthly columns, check out the list below to help you revolutionize your company and its culture in 2017. 


10 Steps to Supercharge Your Sales Process

Win higher margin work & grow your business

What Is Your 5-Year Vision?

Draft a successful, long-term blueprint for the future of your company

8 Steps to Avoid Being Busy & Broke



Make more money when your project schedule is packed

6 Bad Habits Affecting Your Company’s Value

Work to increase value now to set up ownership for a strong finish

What Should Business Owners Get Paid?

Determine your salary, benefits & compensation by the actual work you do

The Benefits of Trusting Your Team with Business Systems

Produce written steps to avoid consistent errors & define tasks

Are You A Moneymaker?

Build a sizable profit by knowing the financial facts about your operation

Get Results with a Performance Pay Plan


A guide to creating a bonus plan that improves project outcomes

How to Keep Your Profit Wheel Spinning

4-step plan to reducing profit margin fade in your business

Improve Your Business with Your Current Staff

Maintain employee accountability to improve results companywide

Change Your Ways for Better Business

Why leaders should kick old business habits to get new results

10 Steps to More Money, Fewer Problems

Follow this guide to eliminate profit margin shrinkage