Spot conflicts & changes with On-Screen Takeoff’s color-coded overlay feature

Where’d the wall go?

You are on your fourth set of paper plan revisions.

Business as usual. You know your profit depends on diligently comparing the new plans with the last set. This is time consuming. Searching through plan revisions is a contractor’s version of "Where’s Waldo?"

Hours later, you were able to find several changes and a clouded item, but you didn’t notice a 20’ x 10’ wall has been altered to 10’ x 12’. You and your crew didn’t find out for several more days when HVAC found the conflict in the ceiling. Where’d the wall go? Now you have a week of rework and your job’s profit margin has been walloped.

It’s time to go digital with the industry’s trusted solution, On-Screen Takeoff®. Instantly spot conflicts and details of changes with On-Screen Takeoff’s powerful color-coded overlay feature. The digital plans show you exactly what is new in blue and what is old in red. Structures that remain unchanged are in gray. Hours of comparing paper plans are shaved to seconds with this advanced, easy-to-use software.

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