New technology can help your construction company scale up & stay on the cutting edge

New technology can help your construction company scale up and stay on the cutting edge. When implemented and utilized correctly, it can also help improve retention. Construction software that works well boosts employees’ job satisfaction and gives construction companies a competitive advantage, attracting new talent.

The implementation of construction technology is linked with how beneficial and well received by your workers it will be. Here are some tips industry leaders are utilizing for smoother technology implementation.

Formalize a Training Plan

Start your construction tech implementation process by creating a training process that introduces employees to the new technology. It should show clear benefits of bringing construction software on board, such as streamlined communication, easy and accurate reporting, reliable specifications and hitting deadlines. Put the technology in their hands and guide them through the day-to-day functions.
Your employees want to feel proud of where they work, so, during training, emphasize how the technology makes them a leader in the industry. Explain that this helps secure their place in the future of construction.

Build it into the Culture

It’s also essential to build the new technology into the culture of your organization. Make it clear to everyone that it’s a welcome and necessary part of day-to-day operations.

Ensure your top leaders are fully on board with and well-versed in using the software. Your site managers should be its biggest supporters. If managers seem to struggle with it or are doubtful of how beneficial it really is, other employees will see that as a red flag that something is wrong.

It's also important to recognize that your workers have probably heard about technology adoption in other industries, and may be worried that the value they bring to the workplace is being replaced with machines. Reassure your employees that this is the furthest thing from the truth, and that it's a human-centric software system that's intended to make their workdays easier and respect their valuable time and energy.

If integration doesn’t seem to be going well, reach out to your software provider right away for advice. Your provider likely has instructional videos and other educational materials that are perfect at addressing the common concerns for these transitions.

One way or another, learn best practices and bring that knowledge back to your business. It’s key to fully adopting the technology as a part of your company culture.

Establish Accountability

It's important that employees are held accountable for using the technology. Create new standards that work hand-in-hand with the software, like reporting requirements, tracking rules, and productivity goals.
As you create accountability standards, take a step back and try to see them from the perspective of your employees. Are they too strict? If so, it can discourage your employees from adopting the technology.

Here's an example of how to frame it positively. Most construction software has a handy feature where you can take a photo, upload it, and make it part of the archive for the project. You use this process to send out an update or alert to coworkers. An easily imaginable company standard for this piece could be reporting hazardous issues. Instead of setting a standard like "all hazards must be reported immediately," turn it into a rewards-based system. Challenge employees to be the first to snap a photo of a hazard and win a small bonus. Foster a bit of friendly competition on the jobsite.

Millennial employees in particular respond well to gamification—using software to turn an ordinary task into a game. A rewards system is a positive approach; it avoids the "big brother" feeling of the company enforcing penalties.

Look to the Future

It's worth taking the time to focus on your adoption process. When construction software is fully integrated into the jobsite, you'll find that your employees are happier and more productive every day. Technology allows you to have a truly scalable company with a secure future in the industry. Click here to see the future in action—sign up for a free 30-day trial of NoteVault.