2018 Construction Industry Report shares tips for reducing costs & improving schedules

It’s no secret that construction professionals often spend a considerable amount of time on activities that take away from actual building on project sites. Finding strategic ways to optimize that time is a critical step in reducing waste and staying competitive in today’s market.

With that in mind, in April 2018, PlanGrid partnered with FMI to survey nearly 600 construction leaders from around the world about how their teams spend time and leverage technology investments.

The 2018 Construction Disconnected report covers in depth:

  • How time spent on non-optimal activities is costing the industry $177 billion per year
  • The causes and consequences of those costs
  • How improved project data and mobile collaboration can help the industry take significant steps forward

Click here to download your copy and find out where your business could benefit from saving more money and more time in 2019.