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How these business leaders recruit top talent

Ry Bostrom
DW Team Member, Repurposed Educator
DW Companies

To attract team members to DW Companies, we use a multifaceted approach that is focused on school engagement, investing in our current team, being a part of the local community and sharing it all through the power of social media. 

We believe that being actively involved in schools is crucial for tapping into the next generation of excavation professionals. We collaborate with our local and surrounding schools and districts to provide students of all ages with insight and excitement into the rewarding careers within excavation. Our team has participated in many school events ranging from reading nights, career days, and touch-a-truck events, to participating in planning committees surrounding career and technical education for the districts. 

Active participation in the local community solidifies our company’s reputation and attracts individuals who have similar values. Actively being a part of and/or sponsoring local events, contributing to community projects or initiatives, and showcasing how our projects positively impact the community where we operate helps keep our brand on the forefront in our community. This not only enhances our brand, but also fosters a sense of pride and purpose among potential team members, especially as it relates to Generation Z, who are looking to be a part of something greater in their career.

Lastly, investing in our own people is fundamental to attracting and retaining talent. We see our team members’ roles as careers and view them strongly as professionals in their trade. We demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being, safety and work-life balance, and work intentionally to create a positive workplace culture through professional development which focuses on communication and conflict resolution. 

We utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and, to our more local audience, Facebook, to showcase the exciting things our company takes part in and the approaches we take to attract talent. They see our company taking pride in our work, our team and our community, and they desire to be a part of the progressive ways we are committed to doing dirt work better.


Jessica Calderon & Tori Terrell
Talent Value Stream Committee
Design Electric Inc.

Our mission at Design Electric Inc. is ‘Proactively Empowering,’ and this informs how we recruit new talent. Our diverse strategy has multiple sources: local job fairs, vocational and community events, and internal grassroots efforts where employees can share opportunities via text, email or through social media, expanding our network! 

Our approach to digital marketing includes consistent messaging across multiple platforms with targeted ads and local job boards where we analyze the data and improve as needed. Because we have clear role definitions, our ads are transparent about the salaries we offer for each position. 

We recognize that our ability to deliver great projects depends on respecting the whole person, which is why we offer our team exceptional benefits beyond the basics. 

We have also improved our hiring process, creating a smooth flow from the moment a candidate expresses interest to the moment they are hired. Once an employee is hired, they have a mentor who will provide the tools they need to succeed in their professional journey. 

By keeping our team engaged and organized and our ads fresh and clear, we keep a proactive approach to attracting the best talent!


Melinda Raymond
Chief People Officer
ACE Consulting Company LLC

To attract top talent, ACE utilizes a multifaceted approach that includes attending job fairs, participating in the SkillBridge program to attract transitioning military personnel, and encouraging internal referrals to tap into our existing employees’ networks. ACE focuses on creating a positive employer brand through transparent communication, competitive compensation packages, opportunities for career growth and development, a supportive and inclusive work culture, and a strong emphasis on work-life balance. By leveraging various recruitment channels and emphasizing our commitment to employee well-being and professional advancement, we aim to attract talented individuals who align with our mission and values.



George Hedley, CSP, LPBC
Certified Speaking Professional, Licensed Professional Business Coach
Hardhat Presentations

Many of my commercial construction coaching clients are using numerous methods to attract new employees, including the following tactics:

  • Provide above-market pay and full benefits including health care, plus paid vacation and holidays. 
  • Promote and reward recruiting. Offer incentive pay for employees who recommend someone to apply for a job at their company. Typical incentive pay ranges from $1,000 to $2,500.
  • Offer hiring bonuses to new hires who work for three months.
  • Obviously utilize hiring websites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter for project managers, estimators and superintendents. For hourly workers, use Craigslist and Facebook ads. Also use Spanish hiring websites like Saludos.
  • Place put ‘Now Hiring’ signs or decals on trucks, jobsites, job trailers, etc.
  • The key is to hire fast! If you don’t hire people now, they won’t be available tomorrow. Allow foremen and field supervisors to hire on the spot. Provide them with the basic hiring information to get from applicants like name, address, social security number, driver’s license, drug testing requirement, etc. They agree on pay and then put them to work immediately. The office can vet them later and complete all the formal paperwork.
  • Give everyone hiring business cards to hand out.
  • Develop a hiring brochure with all the benefits your company offers. Give them out to everyone.
  • Many contractors now have a ‘Why Work for Us’ video on their websites explaining how they have a great place to work which is enjoyable, fulfilling, friendly, etc.
  • Offer incentives to your subcontractors and suppliers for new hire referrals or recommendations.
  • Add an extension to your voicemail for applicants to leave a message. 
  • Assign a staff person (hiring coordinator) to call back interested applicants immediately and perform a short screening interview. Then have them set an appointment for an interview with a manager.


Gregg Schoppman 
FMI Corporation

The war for talent persists. There are certainly firms that are throwing massive sums of money at candidates, all in the hope of luring them away from the competition. Sometimes, it becomes hard to turn down insane amounts of money. However, a smart candidate looks at the long game. Where will they go when the job is over? What is the long-term outlook for roles and upward mobility? It is hard to argue that base compensation is certainly an attractor, but the most successful firms have found a way to establish their position with more than pay. A culture that can be characterized and defined is something that transcends the initial boost of a salary increase. Culture is often an amorphous ‘thing’ — tough to describe but you also know when you don’t have a good one. However, the easy thing — assuming you have deep pockets — is to throw money at the short-term prospect of a senior manager or supervisor rather than to create a collaborative and structured team that builds together and wins together.

Candidates who can see themselves be developed and cultivated over time, married with a defined compensation system, are becoming as important for the right individuals. Firms that choose to play this ‘long game’ with their talent by retaining the best and brightest through bench development see less need to dip their toes in the free agency market. Think about this: Who better to become the cheerleaders for the firm than the same people who are building the business together? Recruit the ones you have as much as you recruit outside the business.