The construction industry enterprise software developer will partner with Amazon Web Service's Partner Network program

MILWAUKEE, WIS. (Jan. 30, 2015) - Penta Technologies, a developer of enterprise software for the construction industry, announced its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Web Service’s Partner Network program is designed to recognize business partners who have built their AWS practice to include professional services and management of end customer AWS deployments.

“Whether their computing environment is distributed across the continent or is in a single location, hosting PENTA with Amazon Web Services offers the flexibility to grow their network as their business grows. And of course, everyone wants high security, system speed, uptime and data recovery, but they don’t all want to devote their own team to those duties. Partnering with Amazon Web Services helps us to deliver these capabilities, allowing our customers to focus on managing their businesses, instead of on managing their software and hardware infrastructure,” said Brian Beaulieu, manager of technical services at Penta Technologies.

In addition to cloud hosting, Penta Technologies’ team of Managed Services professionals can manage PENTA applications and monitor the supporting infrastructure. A wide range of system and database monitoring and management services are available regardless of whether PENTA is installed at your site or it is cloud hosted. For more information, visit Penta.