Irvine, California (April 12, 2019)—Meritage Homesis opening CitySquare, a first-of-its-kind condominium community in the heart of Irvine’s business complex.

A testament to the future of residential real estate, CitySquare offers homebuyers energy-efficient living without sacrificing on modern features and design. With California’s latest solar mandate requiring all new homes to have solar by 2020, in addition to an array of federal regulations favoring green building, CitySquare’s all-electric, zero-net energy community is setting the new homebuilding standard.

In addition to its energy-efficient capabilities, CitySquare provides spacious, open, 4-bedroom floorplans perfect for entertaining. Plus, the community offers ample amenities including homes pre-plumbed for electric vehicles, two large parks and sports courts for active residents, along with barbecue grills and firepits to encourage an outdoor lifestyle. Homes are available for sale starting April 13. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), California Energy Commission, Southern California Edison (SCE), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the city of Irvine to develop these innovative homes,” said C.R. Herro, vice president of Innovation at Meritage Homes.

Here’s what CitySquare is doing different to set the new standard:

  • Energy Star 3.2 certification—Homes are voluntarily built to exceed California Title 24 building codes, ensuring the community performs and surpasses the promises of a better built home, with energy efficiency at the crux of the build
  • Cleaner air—EPA Indoor airPLUS Qualified Homes, providing unparalleled energy efficiency, comfort, durability, indoor air quality and peace of mind
  • Noise reduction—Spray foam insulation is included in the exterior walls and attics.
  • Energy efficiency—The homes feature an array of energy-efficient features, including solar panels, compact heat pumps with HVAC systems and condensing hybrid electric water heaters, electric heat pump dryers, and energy conserving washers.

“Efforts like the CitySquare project are critical to the continued advancement of advanced-energy communities around the world,” said Mark McGranaghan, vice president of integrated grid research and development at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). “EPRI will continue to gather performance information on the technologies and designs here, and from other community initiatives around the world, to help improve the technologies in play, move the needle toward decarbonization, advance the customer experience, and inform zero-net energy building procedures. We are excited to be working with such innovative collaborators on this project.”

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