LAS VEGAS – The most advanced, powerful and efficient diesel equipment and technology for construction and industrial use will be unveiled to the public at the international CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 convention.

Big data, efficiency and the smart and connected jobsite are hot topics in the construction industry.  Every one of those is built on the foundation of clean, efficient power provided by the most advanced diesel engines. CONEXPO showcased the latest innovations in diesel technology that ensure that the jobsites of the future are not only as efficient and productive as possible, but also will have the lowest environmental footprint, said Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

More than 140,000 visitors from all regions of the world and 2,500 exhibitors are to participate in the five-day event, which begins Tuesday at the Las Vegas Convention Center, according to CONEXPO-CON/AGG officials.

“President Trump and the United States Congress are touting a major infrastructure initiative in the near future,” Schaeffer said.  “Infrastructure development largely translates into road and bridge construction, transportation facility as well as public water and waste water systems, and enhancements to telecommunications and utilities. Each of these activities is largely enabled through diesel-powered equipment. 

“One of the greatest opportunities for the construction equipment sector now is simply to get more of the newer technology on the jobsite.  Economic conditions over recent years have delayed the adoption of the newest, most efficient and near-zero emission clean diesel engines that have been available since 2014. Now, there is a sense that economic conditions are improving and this industry is ready to unleash some of the most amazing, efficient and powerful machines that a successful national infrastructure plan would require.

For more information, visit the Diesel Technology Forum.