Learn how these common misconceptions can hurt your marketing strategy
by Sue Silva
December 18, 2017

have different primary targets and objectives, and because of that, they require different approaches. When your primary target is new customers (Scenario 1), you will want to increase awareness of your product or service. Appropriate communications would be advertisements, public relations, direct mail and email blasts that speak to this audience. A second communication objective could be to encourage customer referrals. In this case, your target is still new customers, but you would be communicating with existing customers about your referral program. For Scenario 2, when your primary target is current customers, you will see why you need a different approach: This group already knows you. Your communication objectives could be to educate the audience about new products and services, or to promote add-ons and upgrades. Direct mail, e-newsletters and your customer portal are all great vehicles for reaching this audience.

Marketing is a mix of science, art and trial and error. It’s also an important part of any growing company, and doing it right takes knowledge and experience. To increase your knowledge, these three marketing classics are a great place to start: Guerilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson; Positioning and The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, both by Al Ries and Jack Trout.