6 questions exploring the direction of wearable safety technology on the jobsite
by Elizabeth Manning
November 17, 2017

As digital natives, younger workers have come to expect technology in their workplace; they see IoT and wearable devices as the first and surest solution to operational, financial, safety, and cultural challenges. Top talent wants an innovative, forward-looking organization that identifies problems or pain points and applies creative, tech-enabled thinking to solve them. Leading contractors are responding by establishing formal innovation strategies for identifying, testing and implementing the latest technologies.

6. Tell us about the construction companies you have worked with thus far. Can you share a success story?

The investment and attention on construction technologies right now is tremendous, and what’s exciting for us is that we’re starting to see construction business owners, project managers or workers ask for this technology by name.

Lettire Construction’s  205,000-square-foot, 12-story project in New York City is a good example of the complex construction environment, with hundreds of workers completing various tasks in disparate and sometimes isolated areas. Lettire is the first New York City contractor to implement the Spot-r system on its jobsite. By using 140 Spot-r wearable clips, managers on-site are connected to workers and now have total digital worksite visibility, improved communication and enhanced safety. Spot-r also helps Lettire adhere to city jobsite compliance regulations, streamline evacuation procedures and take a more proactive, data-driven approach to risk management.