How Innovation Drives Superior Products
Inside the research, development, manufacturing & testing of industry-leading PPE
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For over 100 years, Superior Glove has engineered and manufactured innovative, high-quality hand and arm protection and complementary personal protective equipment (PPE) for every major industry. Based out of Acton, Ontario in Canada, Superior Glove has grown from humble beginnings to a global leader. 

Superior Glove believes workers should not have to choose between comfort and safety. This is why the company havs developed manufacturing and research-and-development (R&D) capabilities to support our goal of engineering safety gloves that maximize protection without compromising on worker comfort — safety gloves that workers want to wear.   

To further support this belief, the company also invests in in-house R&D and testing facilities and design its own products. Superior Glove owns and operates four manufacturing facilities; three in Canada and one in Honduras — vertically integrated from fiber to final product in several product categories. Both its R&D and manufacturing practices are atypical in the PPE industry, which has made the company standout as a long-time innovator and leader in industrial hand safety manufacturing.  

R&D is the Cornerstone of Product Innovation  

Research & Development

Superior Glove’s state-of-the-art R&D facility is where new glove concepts and custom design solutions are materialized to make the gloves more comfortable without compromising on essential hazard protection.  

The company manufactures engineered yarn in its facilities in Canada and Honduras. Engineered yarn makes it possible to achieve high protection — whether it’s abrasion, cut or puncture — in comfortable, form-fitting gloves that can perform tasks that require dexterity. This way, workers can stay safe throughout the workday and not have to put hands at risk by removing gloves to perform tactile tasks. 



Ensuring Quality Control in Manufacturing 

The company’s glove engineers are always in search of ways to improve products for end user application. Its in-house testing lab is equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment and a rigorous testing process that follows ANSI/ISEA 2016 standards or ASTM test methods. Standard ANSI tests covered in this lab include cut, puncture (standard and hypodermic), conductive heat, abrasion, impact and vertical flame test. Superior Glove also conducts additional internal custom tests, such as vibration test, grip test, contact cold and marring. 

Safety gloves and sleeves produced in Superior Glove’s manufacturing facilities go through in-house testing throughout the manufacturing process. Samples are tested, improved upon and retested until the desired protection and comfort level is achieved. All these products are then tested through third-party independent testing to confirm the in-house testing results and ensure the products meet safety standards. All iterations are conducted before finally going into manufacturing.  

Resources to Improve Safety 

Superior Glove constantly pushes boundaries to innovate and deliver results that go beyond easy and obvious solutions. The team understands PPE is the last line of defense, so it offers free resources and services to help companies develop safety programs that go beyond PPE. The company partners with end users from the top of the hierarchy and work together to explore options that address each level on the way down to PPE to help eliminate and reduce injuries through non-PPE changes. Superior Glove addresses the hazards that remain with appropriate PPE by offering free one-on-one consultations and sample programs that lets your team try before you buy. 

About Superior Glove  

Superior Glove believes that workers shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and safety, so the company innovates its products to fit the protection workers need into comfortable PPE they’ll want to wear. Superior Glove designs and tests hand safety products in-house to ensure quality and protection and offers free resources and services to help companies develop safety programs that go beyond PPE. Superior Glove is headquartered in Ontario, Canada, with team members across Canada, the United States and Mexico, serving customers globally. 


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