2023 Construction Cost Trends: Insights & Impacts
A webinar covering historical & current costs trends & how they are impacting building projects
Sponsored by: Gordian

Between cost volatility, resource constraints and supply chain hiccups, the construction industry has been on an unpredictable, two-year rollercoaster ride. Here’s the good news: Costs are stabilizing or even regressing in certain categories. The rollercoaster is finally slowing down.

Yet, despite a modest return to normalcy, uncertainty continues to loom over every aspect of the construction industry. And in times of uncertainty, knowledge is your best defense.

Watch this recording of Gordian’s “Construction Cost Trends” webinar to hear from a team of experts as they cover:

  • Historical and current cost trends for key construction materials, labor and equipment
  • How these trends are impacting projects throughout the building life cycle
  • Insights for overcoming current challenges faced when budgeting for, building or maintaining a facility

Click here to watch the webinar.


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