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Financial Services

Commercial Equipment Leasing
Leasing is the most common form of asset-based financing for a
wide range of equipment acquisitions.

Other Asset-Based Financing
Conditional Sale Financing, Secured Term Loans or sale/Leasebacks can also be arranged if you already own the equipment and are looking for a capital advance for your business needs.

Startups and New Businesses
Businesses that have been established for less than 2 years have historically incorporated additional credit risk for lenders. We can still help you...

Vendor Programs
A Vendor program designed with your customers needs in mind can make all the difference to improve sales for your business. Baylore can help vendors from outside Canada complete a sale to a Canadian customer. Likewise, we can help Canadian vendors selling to the USA or other countries by making sure the customer has satisfactory arrangements to pay for the equipment when it is shipped.

Lenders Considering Canada
We have the expertise to assist you in a smooth entry to the Canadian asset-based financing marketplace.