How advances in PPE comfort help promote safety & productivity

It’s early morning. A new day. A new jobsite. As your team is gearing up, you overhear mumbling and grumbling about the PPE (personal protective equipment). “It’s too hot.” “It’s too heavy.” “It kills me to put this thing on, so I’m thinking of not wearing it today.”

Before you get all worked up and get ready to discuss PPE compliance, safety, OSHA violations, and the like, just stop and think. Ask yourself what the driving factor could be. The answer may surprise you.

While tempting, it’s probably not fair to blame your workers. After all, they just want to work without the distraction of pinching, pulling, or irritating equipment. And you? Well, you have a zillion responsibilities to deal with. You’re serious about tending to all of them, including—and especially—the safety and well-being of your crew.

So, instead of shaming people into forced compliance or blaming yourself for your workers’ less-than-positive attitudes, get real about what’s actually at issue: comfort.