Learn how technology can provide a leg up on recruiting & retention

Millennials. They’re the group demographic born between 1980 and 2000, now reaching approximately 75.4 million and officially outnumbering the baby boomers. Most notably defined by their attachment to technology, purported sense of entitlement and laziness, these millennials are permeating topics of conversation. Whether you love them, hate them, love to hate them or are one of them, they are undeniably everywhere, and they’re shaping the workforce of the future. According to Forbes.com, “More so than any other generation, millennials are eager for fulfilling and meaningful careers.”

Today’s workforce is increasingly comprised of millennials, which makes technology a major motivating factor in the search for career development. Results of the 2015 AGC workforce survey indicated that 73 percent of respondents will soon be hiring and replacing professionals in their organization, and 55 percent experience challenges filling key project management positions. With many employers in the construction industry continuing to face problems with recruiting and retaining qualified professionals, it is time to find a long-term solution.

If it’s experience you want, millennials may not come with it, but they are prepared to earn it. According to Sean Lyons, co-editor of Managing the New Workforce: International Perspectives on the Millennial Generation, "This generation has the highest likelihood of having unmet expectations with respect to their careers and the lowest levels of satisfaction with their careers at the stage that they're at. It is sort of a crisis of unmet expectations." You need a plan in place to meet these expectations and motivate employees, and provide the tools they need for long-term success with your company. It’s important that you develop methods for using technology to engage this younger workforce, which could have large, positive effects on the well-being of your company as a whole.

To address the topic, CBO teamed up with Viewpoint Construction Software to present a free webinar that will explore contemporary influences that motivate workforce teams today. Learn how technology will give you a leg up on recruiting and retaining your project workforce and discover ways that your business can benefit from the millennial generation’s strengths in bringing about change and adopting technology into new processes. Key topics include:

  • Leveraging technology to differentiate your employee brand
  • Creating a culture for technology adoption
  • The positive, long-term impact of onboarding and training
  • Tactics for recruiting, selection and retention

The live online event, “The Influence of Technology on Workforce Development,” will take place June 23, 2016, at 3 p.m. EST. Registration is free at constructionbusinessowner.com/webinars. The event will be presented by two familiar names in construction industry consulting: Gregg M. Schoppman and Christian Burger.

Schoppman is a consultant with FMI, management consultants and investment bankers for the construction industry. Schoppman specializes in productivity and project management. He also leads FMI’s project management consulting practice. Schoppman is a CBO columnist and Editorial Advisory Board member. Click here to read his latest columns.

Burger is the president of Burger Consulting Group, an IT consulting firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Burger has worked within the construction industry for nearly 25 years, originally with FMI before starting his own firm in 1997. Much of his work at the firm is focusing on IT strategy and leadership for BCG clients. Burger is involved in best practices process work during the implementation phase. Burger publishes regularly for construction industry publications and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and trade shows. He also teaches a technology course at Northwestern University’s Masters in Project Management program.

After the presentation, attendees are encouraged to stick around for a Q&A session to ask questions. How can you motivate your millennial workforce? How can you find, develop and keep top talent? How can you better understand leading a multi-generational workforce? Sign up to find out the answers to these questions and your own on June 23 and learn how your company can get a leg up on working with millennials.

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