PORTLAND, Ore. (Sept. 22, 2014)—Viewpoint Construction Software kicked off its annual conference—aptly named Collaborate 2014—at the Oregon Convention Center. The conference provided attendees and sponsors with an orchestrated opportunity to collaborate on industry best practices and Viewpoint-developed and -partnered software.

With the theme of collaboration and teamwork in mind, the conference opened with a word from Viewpoint CEO Jay Haladay, who emphasized that collaboration is necessary in all areas of a construction project—from design and conception, to construction and maintenance and operation.

Haladay announced Viewpoint’s plans to modernize the construction sector in the same way that effective data exchange and collaborative supply chains revolutionized the automotive and aerospace sectors throughout the past two decades.

Haladay addressed attendees voicing the thought that, “Trends that may not be affecting you today will absolutely affect you in the future,” as he reminded the audience that construction has become a global business. Haladay added, “Successful contractors will explore practices outside of the U.S. We are a global industry with global best practices.” Closing his introduction before the upcoming breakout sessions, Haladay encouraged conference attendees to “go forth and collaborate!”

Breakout sessions were structured around educating the attendee on basic functionality within specific products and applications. Session content heavily focused on Viewpoint V6 Software modules, but also included valuable sessions related to Construction Imaging, Mobile Field Manager and Viewpoint for Project Collaboration. Sessions covered a range of specific interests, offering tracks catered to the areas of accounting, best practices, construction operations and system administration/IT.

Tools for Growth

Rob Humphreys, VP of product management expressed to attendees that Viewpoint sees itself as another tool in the toolbox—for growth and profitability. Humphreys quoted Haladay in saying, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying,” which is one of Haladay’s company mottos. To help customers grow stably, Viewpoint will introduce an hourly dispatch board/call handler service to combat the challenges of handling service calls in a growing business.

Competitive Advantage

The Viewpoint crew pointed out that as collaboration increases, so will control, visibility and efficiency—driving down cost, time errors, rework, disputes and change orders. Viewpoint’s competitive advantage includes a number of options to help focus the direction of companies to bid smarter, not harder.

Content Management

In an effort to streamline content management, Viewpoint will introduce an option to manage project pictures, driven by the idea that it will help with organization across your entire business, with examples including marketing efforts, safety incident forms, human resources (job applications, new hire info, government forms). The fall 2014 release will include a powerful query searching capability and a new mobile format.


With baby boomers steadily leaving the workforce in the coming years, Viewpoint is working on a method to retain the expert knowledge that leaves with them, through the use of a training module that can pass on lessons learned to another generation of construction professionals within your company.

Overall, the Collaborate 2014 stressed the importance of software usability, accessibility, mobility and configurability, and invited attendees to learn best practices and find the solution to their problem. By the end of the week, Viewpoint was able to offer an abundance of education on software solutions for both current and future users of Viewpoint Software. For more information about the products and services offered by Viewpoint, visit viewpoint.com.