While attending Viewpoint Construction Software's Annual Conference, Viewpoint Collaborate 2014, I was able to sit down with some of the top players of its management team. I asked each of them for their No. 1 business tips to share with CBO's readers. Here are their responses:

Jay Haladay, CEO

  • “Don’t buy the demo.” (This particular piece of advice comes with a fantastic story. Email kwells@cahabamedia.com for the extended version!)
  • “Good companies don’t change their focus on customers and integrity.”
  • “Don’t hamstring yourself by sticking with old business processes. Dig deeper into new possibilities.”

Jim Paulson, President

  • “Scalable domain expertise. You have to make your business scalable. If you want to grow, identify your choke points and put them into a training program.”

Rob Humphreys, Vice President of Product Management

  • “If you’re not aware of, or are still evaluating all of the technology available, you are not competitive. Technology is a great tool for competitive growth.”

Bruce Kenny, Vice President of Product Development

  • “Whatever technology you choose, embrace it. Too often, companies make a choice and keep looking.”
  • “Let the business process dictate the solution, not the other way around.”